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What does Matomo mean for Piwik PRO?

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Published January 12, 2018 · Updated July 19, 2019

What does Matomo mean for Piwik PRO?

Piwik PRO had a great 2017: we released an updated analytics and marketing suite full of new privacy-compliant features; we are growing at an annual rate of over 50%; and we more than doubled our staff–close to 100 people strong as of this month, January 2018. With GDPR coming in May, we look forward to spreading the word about our GDPR-compliant suite of products.

To get 2018 off to an even better start, we’d like to clear up possible confusion about our name and what it means. An open source project we used to work with recently changed names, Piwik is now Matomo. This in no way affect us or our clients–Piwik PRO is and will stay Piwik PRO.

Piwik PRO is an independent organization. We diverged from our open source cousins, focusing on serving larger organizations with a multifaceted analytics and marketing suite distinct from our roots in straightforward analytics.

To be precise:

  • Piwik PRO controls all changes to the source code of our Analytics and Marketing Suite and associated products.
  • Piwik PRO is not related to Matomo–changes in their naming or code do not affect our organization in any way.
  • We are independently developing each of our products and don’t require permission from any other organization to improve them or create new functionalities.
  • Piwik PRO’s clients and partners will continue to receive the same high quality products and services, regardless of what happens with other players in the analytics world.
  • Piwik PRO controls it’s own security updates, responding to security threats without having to wait for updates from the open source community.

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Even though we no longer have any formal relationship with what is now Matomo, we’re also proud of that history and of our name.

The word Piwik is part of our identity. To us it speaks of a sustainable future for analytics and marketing on mobile and web platforms. It means a balanced approach that respects consumers rights and privacy while providing organizations of all kinds with powerful analytics and marketing tools.

At Piwik PRO we want to realize the full promise of that vision and work with ever more diverse and demanding clients.

We want to further improve the performance and features of our products while ensuring the effectiveness, security, and privacy-compliance of our clients analytics and marketing activities. Translation: 2018 will be a busy and exciting year at Piwik PRO.

Expect new feature announcements and product updates soon. We’re close to releasing our Consent Manager, which will help manage GDPR data subject requests and be a huge time saver come GDPR implementation in May. We’ll also be introducing enhanced reporting for high-performance analytics and further improvements to Tag Manager, Customer Data Platform and Personalization.

You’ll always be able to hear the latest Piwik PRO news on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and here on the blog.

If you have any questions, get in touch!


Maciej Zawadziński

Advisory Board Member at Piwik PRO

A serial entrepreneur and angel investor with a background in AdTech, MarTech and online privacy. Over the last 15 years, Maciej has built and scaled several enterprise SaaS and services companies, including Piwik PRO. As the CEO of Piwik PRO, he grew the company from €0 to €10M ARR. He is currently focused on Next New Ventures, an operator-backed fund that invests in entrepreneurs and brings deep expertise in scaling global B2B SaaS products and IT services companies.

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