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Charting a new course for Piwik PRO: bringing more value to the clients as an integrated analytics platform


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Published October 10, 2023

Charting a new course for Piwik PRO: bringing more value to the clients as an integrated analytics platform

Being data-driven has been a dominant trend for businesses. And while data collection plays an important role in the process of making informed decisions, it’s only the first of many steps. The real key to success is making the data actionable. And that’s the primary mindset behind the updates to our strategy at Piwik PRO that should benefit more than 10,000 marketers and analysts using our software every month. 

As Piwik PRO enters a new, exciting phase of maturity as an analytics platform with data integration and activation capabilities, we are not abandoning the focus on privacy that’s been with us from the start.

It’s a special month for Piwik PRO as we celebrate its 10th anniversary, so I wanted to take the time to tell you about all we’ve done to get to this stage and where we’re headed next.

Product: Shift to analytics focused on data integration and activation

After positioning ourselves as the best alternative to Google Analytics for a while, we’re now changing the narrative. Why?

We’ve mentioned GA in our communication to give our potential users a good reference point on what to expect from our platform. Since then, Piwik PRO has become its own thing, known for its focus on privacy and security, and a data-driven approach. With an increasing number of users, a fast-growing community, and expansion in new markets, we simply don’t need to be defined by our competitors anymore.

Going forward, we want to introduce features that will make our users’ work easier, and give them more flexibility and power to decide what marketing tools they use and how.

This means further developing our platform’s data integration and activation possibilities. To me, these are the last missing pieces of the puzzle to achieve our current goal – becoming the leading integrated analytics platform. How are we making this happen?

To start, you can easily integrate all the modules of Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, supply the platform with data ingested from different tools and export the data for further analysis. We’ve also been developing a new customer data platform (CDP), which revolves around making data activation easy. Now you can connect your analytics to external systems, activate the data, and reach users in personalized ways.

Despite extending our product with an activation piece, we will never forget that digital analytics is at the heart of what we do, so we also add new analytics features. From smaller changes, like the option to share reports via a link with people who don’t have a Piwik PRO account, to those most requested by our community – like the possibility to use one email address in multiple instances. To help people start their analytics adventure with Piwik PRO, we’ve also released migration tools from Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager to Piwik PRO.

The same is true for the ecommerce features we’re working on – we wanted to give our customers more flexibility in their analyses. That’s why we’ve introduced new product-scoped custom dimensions to enrich their data and ecommerce tag templates for ease of use. And, of course, there is much more to come.

Business: Further expansion with partner support

Piwik PRO’s business is booming, with great numbers across all markets.

Here are some insights:

  • Our annual recurring revenue (ARR) increased by almost 80% in the last 12 months, while the number of clients grew by 90%.
  • In France, our ARR grew 4 times, and the number of clients increased 3.5 times.
  • The DACH region noted an ARR growth of more than 45% and a 35% increase in the client number.

This shows how far we’ve come in the past year.

To keep it going, we want to solidify our positions in key markets – DACH, Benelux, Nordics and the booming US market – and expand our reach in France even more.

Every day, we work with exceptionally talented people who help us bring privacy-friendly analytics to businesses of all sizes. Partners are now responsible for 21% of Piwik PRO’s won deals, plus they help us maintain the peak level of quality. Kudos to all of our partners, with special thanks to our top performers – Dentsu, Knowit Experience, Comprend, and Hopkins.

Our growth concerns the whole organization, from internal processes to quality-of-life product improvements. This means our clients, users, partners – and employees – can expect better experiences. If it weren’t for all of them, we simply wouldn’t be here today.

Core plan: Continuous product development and commitment

We launched our free Core plan two years ago and it has exceeded our expectations. I can proudly say we have over 18,000 Core accounts worldwide, with more than 1000 new accounts added monthly and a 50% activation rate

We are fully committed to Core customers – no surprise here. We are happy to see Core as the backbone of many small and medium analytics projects that give users a ton of value.

In our product development, there is still plenty of room for the Core plan. We will continue to build on the available features and release new ones. We love seeing our community try those features and share their experience so we can continuously improve them.

Community: Building lasting relationships and getting visibility through cooperation and education

The whole Piwik PRO team and I are excited to see our community grow and become more engaged, with the first leaders emerging. I want to thank all of our supporters and constructive critics for all the hard work and infinite feedback that shapes our product and helps us make it even better. Giving recognition and appreciation to those who trust us is our priority, and we make sure your efforts never go unnoticed. 

You might have seen us at key community events this year – many of them we both attended and sponsored. As people hear more about Piwik PRO, they are eager to use it to the fullest. We’ve been expanding our training resources to help them. You can now use our Academy with free Analytics and Tag Manager courses created by Anil Batra and Optizent, and there is more to come. I want people to get value from our product, so we are concentrating on mid- and expert-level education.

Company culture: Strengthening existing employee-first values

A great product is built by a great team, so I want to make Piwik PRO an even better workplace. The best way to do it is by staying true to our core values: You know the context. You make an impact. You are relevant. All team members have full insight into every aspect of the product and its development. They bring their ideas to the table and determine what they work on and how. They have a voice in all initiatives, every step of the way. 

Employees’ well-being is our priority, and we want to keep them closer in the remote reality. We’re constantly expanding our benefit package – the most recent additions include life insurance for every employee, workation, and sabbatical leave.

Moving forward to user-first analytics

We’ve hit a significant milestone with Piwik PRO’s growth. Our platform has matured and expanded, gaining a firm position in the analytics industry. Above all, we bring value to our customers, which is a highlight of our success, because it’s people that we care about the most.

Once again, thank you to the whole Piwik PRO team, our customers, partners, friends and supporters. But, as we celebrate the past, I’m even more excited to see what’s in store for us next – here is to writing the next chapter together!


Piotr Korzeniowski

CEO at Piwik PRO

An executive with a background in AdTech and MarTech, Piotr successfully ran a software development company until 2021. He has spent the last eight years at Piwik PRO building one of the best enterprise analytics companies. Piotr is an econometrist and finance person by trade, as well as a lecturer at Kozminsky University in postgraduate courses on internet marketing.

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