Get easy-to-use advanced analytics with exceptional customer care – switch from Adobe Analytics to Piwik PRO

Choose a competitively priced platform that gives you accurate insights, multiple product integrations, various hosting options, and privacy compliance

Why should you consider Piwik PRO?

Advanced user-friendly analytics

Switch to a flexible platform that effortlessly handles sessions and events. Use all events in advanced reports, such as funnels and user flows. Work with approachable analytics without the help of tech teams to use all the features and set the platform up correctly.

Accurate and reliable data

Take advantage of a high-performing product ready to take in billions of actions with data freshness close to real-time. Adjust data collection to fit your needs and act on data with customizable reports, dashboards, and integrations.

Easy privacy & security compliance

Collect data with full respect for privacy laws, including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and TTDSG. Compliance is trouble-free with an integrated consent manager and simple privacy settings available from the UI. Increase data collection with anonymous data while respecting user privacy.

Top-notch customer care

Get expert advice from a dedicated account manager and technical team: personalized onboarding, product implementation, and training. Consult with our experts to make sure you gather the most valuable insights about your business.

Various product integrations

Connect analytics with different parts of your tech stack, including data visualization tools, BI software, and the Google ecosystem. Use the Customer Data Platform to easily integrate data and activate it in Hubspot, Slack, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads and more.

More hosting options

Store your data where you want: in one of six public cloud locations, one of 60+ of Azure’s private cloud regions, or on-premises in your own cloud subscription. You can also use EU-owned servers provided by Elastx and Orange.

Product highlights

Easy implementation

Start analyzing data fast and effortlessly. Implement Piwik PRO with a single tracking tag. Then, configure your data collection using a tag manager to set up your existing tags and data layer.

Well-integrated product suite

Get an advanced, tightly integrated product stack with a Tag Manager and Consent Manager. Use our Customer Data Platform to collect, segment, and activate profiles or send them to third-party destinations.

User-friendly reports and dashboards

Use an intuitive platform to get the most out of your data. Work with insightful custom and default reports about audience, used technologies, traffic sources, and much more.

Unsampled, raw data with powerful integrations

Work with a complete set of data. Use analytics insights in more contexts thanks to raw data access, an API, integrations with BI, A/B testing, email marketing and marketing automation tools as well as other parts of your tech stack.

Large-scale data collection

Piwik PRO’s modern backend is built to scale to high data volumes and traffic spikes. Work with the most relevant data and reports processed in seconds.

Designed for your enterprise needs

Choose an analytics partner that employs the best data security and privacy practices. Piwik PRO is an ISO 27001-certified company and our platform holds a SOC 2 type II certification.

Get the benefits of Piwik PRO and make the most of your data with ease

Piwik PRO offers modern reporting and key functionalities out of the box. See what else you can do with our platform:

Adobe Analytics Piwik PRO Enterprise
Ease of use
Privacy and security compliance
Product capabilities
Customer care
Cloud hosting
(selected data center: Germany, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, the US, or Hong Kong)
Private cloud hosting
(selected data center: one of 60+ Azure regions, Orange Cloud in France, or Elastx in Sweden)
On-premises hosting (your own subscription)
GDPR, CCPA, TTDSG compliance
HIPAA compliance
(relates to Adobe Analytics, Adobe’s Customer Journey Analytics is HIPAA-compliant)
Standard reporting
(Reports & Analytics will be sunsetted in December 2023)

rich set of standard reports
Data freshness 45-120 min ~30 min
Advanced data anonymization
(not provided out-of-the-box; can be implemented with data collection)
Integration with Google Ads, Search Console
Integrations with BI tools
(only via BigQuery)

(PowerBI, Looker Studio, Tableau)
Consent manager integration
Native integration with customer data platform
(available as additional product)
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What our customers say about us

“The main reason we switched to Piwik PRO was having everything managed by someone, not having to take care of the open source thing ourselves. The second most important thing, apart from the technical support, was having the peace of mind that we’re in good hands. We could contact the Piwik PRO team whenever there was something we weren’t sure of and we always got quick responses”.

Ingo Haupt
CEO of Three Palms Media

“In the first days of the outbreak we were concerned about the platform’s performance, but the Piwik PRO team was on top of things, ensuring everything worked well. They quickly scaled up where needed – on the data collection side – but also ensured that we could analyze those vast amounts of data by keeping the platform running smoothly. It was a great help for our analysts and other departments. We’re happy the new platform gives us the performance we need to get valuable data.”

Martijn Warmoeskerken
Senior Communication Research Advisor at Public Information and Communications Service of the Government of the Netherlands

“The general feel of the platform quickly convinced us to use Piwik PRO. After some demo sessions, we got really comfortable with the platform. It was similar to what we’ve known from Google Analytics and, as we looked deeper, we discovered everything we were looking for – in-depth UTM tracking, an easy-to-use Tag Manager, Consent Manager, and all the types of reports we needed. We knew we would be able to introduce Piwik PRO in all our entities without any big issues.”

Kay Beutling
Digital Project Manager at DKMS

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How long does it take to switch from Adobe Analytics to Piwik PRO?

Tag and data layer compatibility, high-touch support, and dedicated training make the transition as easy for you as possible. In most cases, the whole process takes around four weeks.

How will I set everything up in Piwik PRO to track my website?

With the Piwik PRO Enterprise plan, our technical team will ensure that your Piwik PRO instance is up and running and ready to collect data about your visitors. In case of any questions, you can also contact your dedicated account manager and review detailed help center articles.

What are the monthly hit limits of Adobe Analytics and Piwik PRO?

In Adobe Analytics, data limits are based on your plan. This is, however, for overall hits and not just reporting tools. You will have to pay extra if you exceed the limits. In Piwik PRO Enterprise, the limit is above 1B.

With Piwik PRO, you can decide if you want to work on 100% of your data or turn on data sampling to improve the speed of reports for high-traffic websites. There is no data sampling in Adobe Analytics except for selected Audience Manager reports.

What are the differences between the pricing tiers of Adobe Analytics and Piwik PRO?

Adobe Analytics doesn’t offer a free product version. It is one of the most expensive solutions on the market. The cost of AA can start at $100,000 depending on how many hits you receive each year. AA offers three different solutions depending on your needs and usage. Piwik PRO provides a free Core plan and a paid Enterprise. To read more about Piwik PRO pricing and request a quote, visit our pricing page.

How does Piwik PRO collect and process data differently than Adobe Analytics? Why does Piwik PRO's approach to privacy allow it to comply with data regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA

Adobe Analytics is a US company that collects and stores data on Adobe’s servers. You should consider this when assessing your compliance risks. With Piwik PRO, you keep your data in a chosen data center or on your cloud subscription with one of our certified cloud providers. You decide when and how to share data, if you do so at all.

The Enterprise plan offers cloud hosting and private cloud, which gives you 60+ hosting locations worldwide, including in the EU. You can choose a private cloud (dedicated database) that shares server resources between clients but keeps analytics data separate, providing an additional layer of security compared to the public cloud. Another option is a private cloud (dedicated hardware) that holds all server resources and analytics data separately, making it a dedicated solution for each client.

Alternatively, you can choose the on-premises option and host the data in your cloud subscription with one of our certified providers.

Piwik PRO also supports your compliance with GDPR and CCPA by providing a dedicated consent and data request manager. Piwik PRO includes HIPAA-related features as well. With Piwik PRO, you can sign a BAA to send all types of PHI to your analytics setup. You do not need to de-identify PHI yourself.

Adobe Analytics is not listed as HIPAA-ready on Adobe’s site. This means that Adobe won’t sign a BAA with you to use Adobe Analytics.

Read more here: Piwik PRO vs. Adobe Analytics: Comparison of enterprise analytics platforms.

How does Piwik PRO track website statistics without collecting personal data?

Piwik PRO offers three methods for gathering non-personal data:
  • Anonymous tracking with cookies and session data – collects session statistics without using any persistent user identifiers. This method can be an alternative to opt-in tracking when a visitor ignores or declines your consent request.
  • Anonymous tracking without cookies but with session data – collects session statistics using a short-lived session identifier that rotates every 30 minutes. This method can also be an alternative to opt-in tracking when a visitor ignores or declines your consent request.
  • Anonymous tracking without cookies or session data – collects event statistics without using visitor or session identifiers and doesn’t stitch the events under a user or session.
All three methods are optional and are a great alternative to standard opt-in-only tracking. For more information, read this article.

How does Piwik PRO allow you to connect the data from marketing pages, applications, and post-login areas to recreate the full customer journey?

By using Piwik PRO, you can completely control your data and ensure its privacy and security. This allows you to collect unique user identifiers (such as email addresses) and sensitive data from post-login areas of your websites (such as e-healthcare platforms and transactional pages). Using this technique, you can recreate a visitor's entire journey across sessions and touchpoints. Read more about it here.