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PII, Personal Data, or Both: A Helpful Cheat Sheet

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Published January 25, 2018 · Updated March 8, 2019

PII, Personal Data, or Both: A Helpful Cheat Sheet

Personal data, PII… At the first glance, both terms sound pretty similar. However, they are not exactly the same thing. Our cheat sheet will help you wrap your head around the similarities and dissimilarities between them.

Many organizations are now starting their journey towards GDPR compliance. Or at least they should be, considering that the new regulation comes into force in May 2018. One of the very first steps in this quest would be evaluating the types of information they process.

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This is where the concepts of personal data and personally identifiable information come into play. The definitions of the terms seem quite similar, but we must warn you – they are not the same thing. This is how they differ:

Firstly, the term “personally identifiable information” does not appear in the GDPR, but has its own meaning in US law. So it’s not exactly the term you should pay attention to when adjusting your data processing to the demands of the new EU law.

Secondly, personal data, in the context of GDPR, covers a much wider range of information, including IP addresses and even device IDs. In other words, while all PII is considered personal data,not all personal data is PII.

We are aware, however, that such topics are the easiest to understand when presented in a clear, readable form. That’s why we decided to prepare this useful cheat sheet, which will help you systematize knowledge in the field of PII and personal data.

You can download it here:

Free Cheat Sheet:
PII, Personal Data or Both?
Download the Cheat Sheet

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Remember – if you still have some questions regarding PII, personal data or GDPR – reach out to us! Our team will be happy to help!

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