Campaign Reporting

Track up to five campaign parameters and get more information about the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Why Do I Need Campaign Reporting?

With five parameters at your fingertips you will always give credit to the right campaign. Tag your links to assess the performance of each and every individual ad and marketing initiative.

Conversion Attribution

Identify the true sources of your traffic and conversions

Ease of Usage

Tag your URLs and start collecting data right away

5 Dimensions to Track

Tag your URLs with up to 5 parameters: name, source, medium, keyword and content

Advanced Campaign Reporting

Capture every piece of data and optimize campaign budgeting based on your insights

This Is How You Can Benefit From Campaign Reporting

Use Advanced Campaign Reporting to identify your best-performing and most profitable campaigns. This knowledge gives you the power to make the best decisions on intelligently investing your resources. UTM codes are an easy way to see how both your offline and online marketing efforts contribute to your business’s success.

Easy to Use

To start using Advanced Campaign Reporting you don’t have to edit the Piwik PRO tracking code. Make sure your URL tagging is correct and take advantage of invaluable insights!

Conversion Attribution

Your data is presented in a clear and accessible way for you to analyze it and identify the campaigns generating the biggest profits.

Piwik Campaign Reporting

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