Password Policy

Add another layer of protection to your Piwik PRO instance with easy Password Policy enforcement.

What Does the Password Policy Feature Do?

Password Policy forces all users of your Piwik PRO instance to change their passwords regularly, which keeps your data even more secure. Piwik PRO ensures the new password is never too simple and always uncrackable.

Another layer of protection

With Password Policy you keep your data and Piwik PRO instance even more secure

Easy installation

Password Policy installs and activates in Piwik PRO with just one click

Full control

Quickly change password requirements and set minimum password length, validity period and other parameter

Expired Users

Administrators receive the Expired Users tab to monitor users accessing your Piwik PRO instance and track when their passwords expire

Piwik PRO Password Policy means maximum security

Password Policy lets you apply additional rules to user passwords. You can adjust minimum length, password complexity, validity period, and other parameters to improve your organization’s existing practises. It also shows Super Users which users have expired passwords and their last login to the system.

Implement a better password policy

With Super User access you can configure password policy settings to match your organization’s requirements.

Get full control over your instance

Use the Expired Users tab to monitor which of your users have expired passwords and the last time they logged into the system.

Change user behavior

Multiple rules ensure that users quickly start creating secure password to protect the system.

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