User Groups

Simplify the process of management of user access and admin permissions. Take it to a group level and save time when assigning and revoking view and user permissions. Recommended for organizations with a large number of users and websites.

Why Piwik PRO User Groups?

The User Groups feature allows Piwik administrators to easily create multiple groups of users and assign them shared access permissions. In many environments this work can be done manually, but what if your enterprise base includes hundreds or thousands of users? That’s where Piwik PRO User Groups are especially useful, making system administration easier and more efficient.

More control & security

Make sure your website stats are available only to the right users. Piwik PRO User Groups protect you from costly mistakes, even with the largest user bases.

Multiple Groups & Distinct Access Rights

At first it seems easy to manage all of your Piwik PRO users, but if your user base grows to hundreds or thousands you’ll need the flexibility this feature offers.

Groups Can Be Adjusted to Your Needs

Every group of users can be edited or deleted at any time after being created. Worry not, nothing is set in stone!

Easy management of your user base

Adding users to groups is easy. Just start typing the name or email address of a Piwik PRO user and the menu will help you locate them.

What Can Piwik PRO User Groups Do For You?

Adding Piwik PRO User Groups allows you to create groups made of any number of users. You can give them view or admin rights to as many of your Piwik PRO-tracked websites as you want.

Enable Quick Assignment of Access Rights

You can define which user groups should have access to all or parts of your Piwik PRO-tracked websites. Each group can have completely different access rights.

Simplify the user access management process

With Piwik PRO User Groups you can create multiple groups using the same Piwik PRO instance, but having access to completely different tracked websites. Group can have either no access, view-only or full admin access to each property.

Save time

Taking the process to a group level saves you time when assigning and revoking view and user permissions.

Ready to improve your user access and permissions management? Ask us about Piwik PRO User Groups!