Piwik PRO: Reasonable Webtrends Alternative

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You have a business need for self-hosted web analytics. Most likely it’s because your organization takes data security and privacy very seriously. There are industries such as telecoms, healthcare, banking, or the government and public sector, which demand premium protection of the sensitive data they gather.

There are very few solutions offering an on-premises model. Until recently, one of the most commonly used ones was Webtrends On-Premises.

BUT, the simple fact is, self-hosted Webtrends is no longer being supported or developed. For better or for worse, the vendor has taken the business decision to focus exclusively on a cloud-based solution.

If you have been relying on self-hosted Webtrends, you may be tearing your hair out right now. What to do if, for whatever reason, your organization can’t use cloud-based analytics solutions? Obviously your only choice is to get your analytics data from somewhere else.

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If you’re worried about finding a way out of this pickle, Piwik PRO gives you a reasonable Webtrends alternative. Let’s see why.

Why is Piwik PRO On-Premises an enterprise-ready solution hosted on your own infrastructure?

Piwik – the most frequently used open-source analytics platform – is a reliable Webtrends alternative. Piwik PRO offers On-Premises deployment in order to deliver the secure and legally compliant analytics solutions that you require.

    So, if you want to keep your data on your own servers for better security and data ownership, Piwik PRO can support your efforts with the following features:

  • We are continually supporting and developing Piwik PRO On-Premises as our core product. One of our priorities is to help you navigate the dynamic regulatory environment surrounding data privacy and security. That is why we have made the platform easily configurable to stay in line with the law.
  • Large enterprise and public-sector clients continue to demand Piwik PRO On-Premises because of its unique data ownership and privacy approach. Our clients include corporations such as HP and Accenture, as well as government institutions like the European Commision and the Government of Canada.
  • Self-hosted solutions require technical support, configuration and maintenance. With a dedicated project coordinator from the Piwik PRO Team you will receive all the help and assistance you require for your instance.
  • Piwik PRO gives you a much safer alternative to JavaScript tracking – Server Log Analytics. This solution adds one more layer of protection between your web analytics server and external connections. Learn more about it from our Log Analytics User Guide

Worried about something going wrong with the transition? There are many ways Piwik PRO can help you out.

Simple and painless transition from Webtrends to Piwik PRO

Changing from one vendor to another is often seen as a troublesome exercise. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

No matter how small or how big your organization, we can provide you with support and advice suited to your needs. One of our core services is an assistance throughout the process to make sure the road is smooth, and your instance is ready to use in the shortest time possible.

Once you’ve got Piwik PRO deployed, we offer user and technical training session customized to your level of expertise and your organization’s needs. We’ll also stick around to provide 24/7 monitoring and intervention as well as other support and maintenance services under a bespoke SLA.

Your business is unique no matter what your nieche is. If you’d like to learn more how Piwik PRO can help YOUR organization in transition process, just drop us a line.

Free Comparison of 5 Leading Web Analytics Vendors

Compare 40 Variables of 5 Leading Enterprise-Ready Web Analytics Vendors:

Download FREE Ebook

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