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3 simple conversion rate optimization tips for Piwik PRO

Conversion optimization Product best practices

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Published June 17, 2016 · Updated July 14, 2020

3 simple conversion rate optimization tips for Piwik PRO

Sleepless nights, cold sweats, increased coffee consumption – these are the most frequent symptoms displayed by marketers desperate to enhance Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for their companies’ websites.

Fortunately for you, getting better results doesn’t always require stretching your creativity to the limit. There is low-hanging fruit to be picked, and Piwik PRO can help you find it. This post will show you 3 top tips to help you improve your website’s results with little effort.

Optimizing your website starts with getting the right information. The Piwik PRO dashboard and in-depth reports show you where your potential customers are getting stuck in the conversion funnel.

Tip 1: Identify pages with high bounce and exit rates using Piwik PRO dashboards

Piwik PRO entry pages vs exit pages

As you can see, this comparison generates a wealth of actionable information. You can identify whether there are any vital pages on your website with high exit and bounce rates, such as your homepage or key landing pages. In addition, you can also see if users exit your site in the places you expect them to.

This gives you the knowledge necessary to know which pages require optimization, in order to ensure better user engagement in your website’s offer.

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Tip 2: Identify holes and broken links by setting a 404 page as your goal (NINJA TIP!)

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your ideas. Let’s take advantage of click path reporting (and check out Click Path Analytics User Guide), one of Piwik PRO’s many features, to find broken links and highlight usability issues.

error 404 Piwik PRO

One of the biggest bugaboos in managing larger websites is phantom pages, the ones that generate 404 errors and are big hurdles in the conversion process.

By setting a 404 page as your goal in the Piwik PRO dashboard, you can generate a helpful report that enables you to achieve the following insights:

  • What paths lead large numbers of users to 404 pages?
  • Where are the broken links on my website that damage the user experience?
  • Are there any unexpected paths that lead users to my main conversion goal?

The obvious benefit is that knowledge of where users stray from the path you have mapped out for them will help you identify the weak spots on your website, improve the user experience, and boost conversion by retaining users on the page for longer periods of time.

click paths in Piwik PRO

Whether your goal is for your visitors to download a whitepaper, sign up for a newsletter, or make a purchase, getting them there is always easier when you can find and remove barriers.

Tip 3: Keep your users focused on the goal with conversion funnel improvements

Among the many Piwik PRO reports useful in shaping a CRO strategy is the conversion funnel visual report. Here’s what it looks like:

conversion funnel

Just like a plumber trying to find the source of a leak, this kind of report helps you identify the holes where users are exiting the funnel when they shouldn’t be.

One of the insights available from this report is a view of specific URLs in the funnel that cause abnormal dropoffs. Another is awareness of the next action users take after abandoning the funnel: do they exit the website entirely, or do they remain inside and visit another section? This knowledge then helps you figure out where to invest time and resources into research and optimization of particular pages.

So if your conversion funnel report shows that users are dropping out at a given step in the sales funnel, you have pinpointed the very page that needs work.

It’s one thing to get traffic, it’s another thing to do something with it!

CRO may be a difficult task. There is a massive amount of data that can be generated and sifted through when you’re trying to grasp just what needs to be done for more visitors to achieve the goals you set for them.

In this post we’ve highlighted three very useful things you can do boost your conversion rates. Put them into practice and watch your numbers grow!

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