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How to Find Website Conversion Problems With Cross-Device & Cross-Browser Reports

Published: November 19, 2018 Updated: August 8, 2019 Author , Category Conversion Optimization, Use cases

Imagine a visitor comes to your site because your marketing campaign has intrigued them. Then imagine they bounce off because the landing page image is too big to read on their iPhone. Or they leave because the headline is from another campaign – a copy and paste error! It can happen even at the best…

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Product Analytics 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Published: July 2, 2018 Updated: June 18, 2019 Author Category Analytics

Statista estimates that the Apple App Store now contains over 2.2 million applications, and there are almost as many in the Google App Store. However, users typically use just 9 apps on a daily basis. This means that app stores are filled with apps that don’t attract users’ interest. There are plenty of reasons for […]

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Fix Poor Website Performance with Piwik PRO Analytics Reports

Published: February 26, 2018 Updated: September 30, 2019 Author Category Analytics, Conversion Optimization

Underperforming pages are the bane of every conversion rate optimization process. Never fear, we’ve got the perfect solution to your struggles! In this blog post we’ll show you how to deal with poor website performance using a Piwik PRO Analytics module. Last year’s Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2017 by Econsultancy has shown that only […]

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Raw Data Access – Using Piwik PRO for Advanced Attribution Modeling

Published: March 10, 2017 Updated: August 24, 2018 Author Category Analytics, Use cases

Unlike other analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics (GA) which are hosted in the service provider’s Cloud, Piwik can be hosted On-premises. Cloud-based solutions generally have API limitations around data export. And if you’re an analyst who’s using analytics as a data collection platform for modeling purposes, you may run into issues with GA’s API […]

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How Can A DMP Help With Cross-Device Attribution?

Published: February 1, 2017 Updated: August 20, 2019 Author Category Data Management

Cross-device attribution. These 3 words are responsible for headaches, missed opportunities, and ad waste for online advertisers and marketers everywhere. And while it’s true that cross-device attribution is hard, there is a solution, and like most solutions to today’s advertising and marketing problems, it involves data, in particular, a data management platform (DMP). How Can […]

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How to Leverage Piwik PRO Pages Report for Conversion Optimization

Published: November 21, 2016 Updated: August 3, 2018 Author Category Conversion Optimization, Product Best Practices

Web analytics tools do a great job delivering insights to support the conversion optimization process. Quantitative analysis and research are crucial elements of the CRO process. In a series of articles focusing on CRO we will explain what web analytics is and how it can optimize conversion rates on a website. We will show how […]

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Conversion Funnel: Set It Up Like a PRO!

Published: November 2, 2016 Updated: February 6, 2018 Author Category Conversion Optimization, Product Best Practices

The hardest part is getting started – this rule applies perfectly to the the conversion optimization process. When it comes to web analytics there is no better place to begin than with Funnel Reports. In this article we will discuss everything from how to set up your conversion funnel in Piwik PRO to CRO insights […]

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How to leverage conversion attribution in Piwik PRO for better business insights

Published: October 7, 2016 Updated: August 2, 2018 Author Category Conversion Optimization, Product Best Practices

What is conversion attribution? Conversion attribution is a new way of reporting online conversions and overlap between online marketing channels. It allows marketers and analysts to research how different touch points and paid media influence each individual desired action or transaction being tracked. Conversion attribution has been recently introduced to the Piwik PRO premium feature […]

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Changing conversion attribution from last to first click with Piwik PRO Tag Manager

Published: June 15, 2016 Updated: August 24, 2018 Author Category Tag Manager, Use cases

Table of contents Why would you want to change it? Piwik PRO Tag Manager Configuration What if the Piwik main code is already implemented via Piwik template? Why would you want to change it? First, we should explain how Piwik goal tracking works (and you can learn more about it from our Goals User Guide) […]

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How to Drive Conversions with User-Centric Reporting

Published: June 9, 2016 Updated: November 26, 2018 Author Category Analytics

In a perfect world you can meet your website visitors’ desires and display each individual’s preferred content in front of their eyes before they begin searching for it on their own. The only way to do this is to collect and collate as much information as possible about individual users’ behavior, to give you a […]

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