Content Tracking

Use Piwik PRO Analytics to measure the performance of individual pieces of content on your website or mobile app.

What can you measure with Content Tracking?

Content Tracking lets you monitor the performance of ads and banners as well as other content blocks on your website or app. You can measure the number of impressions and clicks, but also click-through rates of a particular element – something you can’t accomplish with other features.

Ad and banner tracking

Track how users interact with all ads and banners displayed on your website or app to identify the top performers.

Custom Alerts

Get monthly or weekly alerts and discover which banners and ads record exceptionally high CTRs and which ones are failures.

Custom segmentation

Create custom segments and always put your data in the right context.

Row Evolution

Identify trends in ad and banner performance by analyzing historical data for a custom date range.

Track the number of impressions and clicks on products and particular images.

Content Tracking lets you track any piece of content even if it doesn’t generate a pageview. Measure the effectiveness of your homepage slider and how many of your visitors click a product image in your e-commerce store.

Do your visitors reach the end segments of your content?

By default Piwik PRO Analytics tracks the number of pageviews, but not the percentage of content displayed during a particular pageview. When creating a long homepage or landing page, you want to know if your users are even bothering to look at the final parts of the content. You can set Piwik PRO to track visible content blocks and find out whether they are displayed to your users.

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