SharePoint analytics

When we say SharePoint Analytics, we’re referring to an external tool for monitoring and analyzing data coming from a SharePoint environment. SharePoint itself offers only basic reporting capabilities that many organizations consider to be insufficient.

Corporate portals and intranets such as SharePoint are usually big investments, involving multiple stakeholders and many resources. Tools like SharePoint Analytics are there to make sure that companies make the most out of their investment. They need to verify if SharePoint is delivering the results they were hoping for.

SharePoint Analytics tools have many useful features such as dashboards for displaying the latest results for KPIs and pre-set reports. In this way different stakeholders can quickly get information about the metrics most important to them.

Frequent uses include:

  • Identifying the most engaged users – eg. those that contribute the most by adding new documents and editing existing pages
  • Identifying the most popular content – eg. pages or documents that are read or downloaded by the majority of users
  • Analyzing site searchesKeywords that users search for give important insights. They indicate which content is not easily accessible or is missing entirely from a SharePoint instance

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